Glendale's Pianist Robin Maynes presents his dear friend: Show-Stopper Lloyd Rowland...

Lloyd Rowland 

"Somewhere In Between"



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Recorded in Nashville, TN

Studio 23 Lakeside Recording

May 2, 2002

Conway Publishing, Inc.


To purchase my new CD entitled Somewhere In Between -- simply go to CD Baby online! Just click on the baby's nose! They'll take good care of ya!!


Still in print is my CD tenderly entitled Somewhere In Between. I know you will find that the original lyrics and music inspire, entertain, and delight you in their Nashville Country Music style format. All the songs on my  CD were composed and performed by me. Each selection expresses a unique journey through vocals and instruments. Each song will touch the very soul of the listener. Feel free to listen to any song on my CD from the CD Music page.



"It is my hope and wish that you enjoy these expressions from my heart!"

Lloyd Rowland

(*NOTE: The LLOYD ROWLAND SHOW is currently available for bookings!!)


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